Friday, October 1

congratulations madelyn & brad

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid and a baker for one of my dearest friends - Madelyn - on her special day. I've known and adored Madelyn for over ten years, so I felt truly lucky that I could contribute to her and Brad's wedding day. Her only request was for the cupcakes to be based on a batch that I made for her birthday the previous year, which were baked with inspiration from her all-time favourite sweet - caramel slice. And for there to be eighty of them.

The original cakes were a simple caramel mudcake, filled with caramel fudge sauce and topped with rich ganache. I did, however, have doubts at how these would look on a cupcake tower in the middle of a formal dining room.

I've baked for large formal occasions and weddings before, but baking for a close friend for their wedding brings a little more pressure than I expected. I knew she would be happy with whatever I chose to do (and she really did leave the decorating up to me!), but I really wanted these cakes to be as special as the couple Madelyn and Brad are. If you knew them, you'd understand, though I think this might be a common feeling with the marriage of friends.

So, I subtly tweaked the appearance of the cakes to make them look a little more classic-- this is always easy enough to do with a whipped (chocolate) butter cream piped on each cake. I also stamped some fondant with the happy couple's initials and topped each cake with either a 'B' or an 'H'. This was a really simple but classy way of adding the colour of our bridesmaids dresses and the accent colour of the room into the dessert.

This is also reflected in the tiered caramel mudcake that sat atop the cupcake stand for Madelyn & Brad to cut.

It was an absolutely beautiful day. Again, congratulations Madelyn & Brad. Everyone who knows you loves you even more as a married couple xo


  1. They're gorgeous, Amber! Well done :)

  2. Madelyn is eating one right now... she says it is amazing. Thanks Amber, you are the best!

  3. Amber,

    These look fantastic! If I ever get married, I would love to pay you to do my cake for me!!

    Kim Kirby

  4. I had to show Derek this one as he loves caramel. He said to ask you "where can he get some of these yummy caramel mudcakes"!! You are lucky he is not at your door begging!!

  5. oh my gosh, my brother is having his 21st in November and the theme is things starting with M & B (his initials). I had envisioned for the cake, 200 cupcakes mongrammed with M & B just like this!! nice job!!

  6. Thanks everyone!
    Kim: I would be honoured!
    Robyn: now sending you the recipe :)
    Maz: It's a Martha Stewart idea, as she did something very similar in her wedding cakes book. It'd work perfectly for a 21st :)