Monday, August 9

annette's birthday bash

Clockwise, from bottom: Raspberry & coconut cake, chocolate & cherry cake, white russian cake, chocolate & orange cake, ginger & honeycomb cake. Centre: Lemon & coconut meringue cake. 

I had the pleasure of attending - and baking for - one of my dear co-worker's 60th birthday on Saturday evening. 60 guests, 70 gluten-free cupcakes. Two days of baking.

Annette is the perfect customer. She had all six cake varieties chosen weeks before the event, and had bought me almost all of the ingredients the week before! To make sure the cakes were as fresh as possible, I decided to do the baking on Friday, the decorating on Saturday. This meant a relaxed pace without stress, and even some room for failure. I didn't, however, anticipate running out of ingredients I simply never run out of - cream, ground ginger, caster sugar. So instead of finishing at around lunch on Saturday, I was boxing them all up five minutes before walking out the door. Despite the severe feeling of anxiety, there's something so wonderful about baking-adrenalin. What's even more wonderful is seeing a whole room full of people consuming your baked treats.

Happy birthday, Annette.

Recommended baking soundtrack: Andrew Bird back catalogue. 


  1. Gosh they are all amazing looking cupcakes! I especially like the raspberry and coconut, it looks super yummy. The little name cards are super cute too.

  2. Oooh, they all look so delicious!

  3. These all look amazing! Lemon and Coconut sound perfect x

  4. I know exactly what you mean about baking adrenalin!!! Quite addictive!
    The cupcakes look and i bet tasted amazing - your friend must have been thrilled with the result! Well done :)

  5. Happy birthday Annette, all these holidays and I keep missing out on the cupcakes!! I think I need to plan better, they look terrific Amber and knowiny you I bet they tasted just as yummy as they looked!