Tuesday, August 17

cupcake day for rspca

RSPCA Cupcake Day is a wonderful event where two of my favourite things comes together: cats & cakes. Alright, cats and dogs & cakes. Admittedly, in previous years I have been too busy to make a decent effort for this wonderful cause and although this year was no different, I thought I'd give it a go.

For those of you not in the know, RSPCA's cupcake day is the largest bake-off in the Southern hemisphere, supporting RSPCA to do what they do best - running shelters for abused, injured and abandoned animals, and investigating cases of animal cruelty. A number of lovely people sponsored me online, and I was also supported by my co-workers who purchased cakes both out of a desire to assist, and maybe a little bit of pity.

The cake is a simple vanilla bean sponge with a strawberry custard filling.

Three dozen cakes all boxed up and ready to go!

If you're interested in this fantastic cause, it's not too late. You can still sponsor me, or donate to RSPCA any time of year.


  1. These are lovely, well done for getting involved x

  2. Wow such pretty pretty cupcakes. I love the picture of the insides.

  3. So so pretty, and I'm sure they were equally delicious :) Great job, Amber! x

  4. They look so yummy Amber, hopefully next time you decide to sell cupcakes I won`t be on holidays.

  5. good work these look fabulous! i adore hello kitty :O)